A Funeral Director’s Role for Funeral Home and Cremations in Stockton, CA

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Stockton, CA Funeral Home And CremationsEven though the loss of a loved one brings unimaginable pain, the weight of many decisions will need to be faced in the first day or two after a loss. This may feel overwhelming, so it can be a huge relief to understand that you need not make these plans alone. A licensed funeral director can help immensely. Learn here how they will help you with all of the necessary details for planning a funeral home and cremations in Stockton, CA that is perfect for your needs.

A funeral director wears many hats and takes on a great deal of responsibility when they accept a case. With specialized training and a vast amount of experience working through the ranks, these licensed experts know the ins and outs of death care. They work extensively to ensure that the deceased is cared for properly throughout the facility's length of the necessary stay. Directors also work closely with the family of the departed to plan any honoring services. Connecting grieving loved ones to appropriate resources for the bereaved also falls under their job description.

Additionally, these funeral experts manage to see to many administrative responsibilities such as helping families prepare and file needed paperwork for permits, benefits, and obtaining certified copies of the death certificate. They often assist with notifying employers and insurance agents of the death. The funeral director oversees the delicate process of embalming and/or cremation services.

As licensed professionals, they can legally support the shipping or transfer process of deceased persons over state lines or borders. Along those same lines, they help with all needful local transportation of the body between facilities, venues, and final placement location. Their expertise is invaluable when it comes to understanding necessary merchandise such as caskets, urns, or how many flower sprays should be ordered. To make it short, a good funeral director is in ALL of the details for the clients they serve.

Understanding Funeral Home and Cremations in Stockton, CA

A full funeral service is a series of events that help us lay a loved one to rest. Full funerals usually include the presentation of an embalmed body for viewing when possible. This viewing (sometimes called a funeral wake or visitation meeting) is typically held shortly before the actual funeral service.

The funeral service may be held in a variety of venues. If there is a religious background or preference, the location may be in a church and led by a clergyman or woman. Funerals could be held outdoors or even in a private residence. A funeral home is a common place for this service to be hosted as well. The funeral gives the family and friends of the departed a chance to gather together, remember, and pay their final respects to the deceased.

Cremation is a service that changes the final form of the body to tiny grain-like particles. This happens through a secure and dignified process that involves flames. After the body is cremated, all remaining particles are cooled and then collected. As there are usually some fragments of bone remaining, the pieces are processed to be a more uniform consistency. The ashen particles are called “cremains” or “ashes” and are returned to the family in some type of urn.

One persistent myth is that funerals are not an option if cremation is to take place. This is not true. A cremation is a wonderful option that many find appropriate for a variety of reasons. If both options are wanted, the funeral is scheduled to take place first. The remains of the deceased can be embalmed and laid within a fresh, clean, rented casket. After the funeral services are fulfilled, the remains are transferred to the crematorium instead of being taken to a cemetery for burial. If you are interested in both funeral home and cremations in Stockton, CA, know your options.

You Don’t Need to Wait to Make Plans

Pre-need planning for funerals and cremation services is less complicated than you might guess. Online forms can make it simple to begin, right in the comfort of your own home. Most mortuaries also offer this service in-house. Pre-need appointments can usually be completed in less than an hour. Plans can be made if death is upcoming. This might be the case for someone who is terminally ill or getting on in years. Pre-need plans can also be set for those who are young and in good health.

Learn More About Your Options

These topics generally bring forward a lot of questions. There is no need to wonder about the answers. For all of your needs for information about funeral home and cremations in Stockton, CA, contact Lodi Funeral Home, Inc. With a warm and inviting facility located at 725 S Fairmont Ave, Lodi, California 95240, you will want to see it for yourself. Call 209-369-3564 to make an appointment today.

Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

Why pre-plan your funeral?

Pre-planning your funeral helps you ease the burden on your loved ones because everything is already prepared at the time of your death. Pre-planning protects your family from having to make stressful decisions during an emotional time, as well as relieves the financial burden on surviving family members. Learn more.

Do you tip the funeral staff?

You don't need to tip the funeral home staff since their service is already included in the funeral package you have availed of. If the minister or officiant fee is not included in the package then a $100-$300 is an appropriate honorarium, musicians get a 15-20% gratuity if hired, and volunteers get a $50-$100 tip each is appropriate. Learn more.

What happens in a crematorium?

Cremation takes place in a specially designed cremation chamber called a retort which holds one deceased person and exposes them to intense heat for a period of around two hours. after the cremation, the family may choose to receive the ashes of their loved one in a special container or urn. Learn more.